Analysis of energy efficient connected target coverage algorithm for static and dynamic nodes in IWSNs

(1) Anupam Mittal Mail (Department of Computer Sci. & Engg., Chandigarh university Gharuan, India)
(2) Ruchi Aggarwal Mail (Department of Computer Sci. & Engg., Chandigarh university Gharuan, India)
(3) * Sapinder Kaur Mail (Chandigarh University, India)
*corresponding author


Today breakthroughs in wireless technologies have greatly spurred the emergence of industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSNs).To facilitate the adaptation of IWSNs to industrial applications, concerns about networks full coverage and connectivity must be addressed to fulfill reliability and real time requirements. Although connected target coverage algorithms have been studied notice both limitations and applicability of various coverage areas from an industry viewpoint. In this paper is discuss the two energy efficiency connected target coverage (CTC) algorithms CWGC(Communication Weighted Greedy Cover) and OTTC(Overlapped Target and Connected Coverage) algorithm based on dynamic node to resolve the problem of Coverage improvement. This paper uses the simulation in MATLAB represent the performance of two CTC algorithms with Dynamic node to improve network lifetime and low energy consumption and quality of service. Compare the dynamic nodes results with static nodes results


Industrial Wireless Sensor Network; Connected Target Coverage; Energy Efficient Connected Target Coverage Algorithms



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