Influence of overweight and obesity on the diabetes in the world on adult people using spatial regression

(1) * Tuti Purwaningsih Mail (Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia)
(2) Baharudin Machmud Mail (Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia)
*corresponding author


This research discussed about the case of diabetes, overweight, and obesity which aimed to determine the factors that most affect the number of adult people with Diabetes from Obesity and Overweight in the world and looking for the best spatial model to make predictions in the next period. This research based on data WHO in 2015 from The 2016 Global Nutrition Report. At 5% level of significance for 2015, factor that influence diabetes is obesity and the most excellent spatial model used in the analysis is Spatial Error Model (SEM) that use Weight Level Order 1 and has R2 value 81.82%.


Diabetes; Obesity; Overweight; Spatial Model; SEM.



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