Comparative analysis of multiple target tracking methods

(1) * Michael Kamaraj Devadoss Mail (Research & Development Centre, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, India)
(2) Balakrishnan Ganesan Mail (Indra Ganesan College of Engineering, Tiruchirappalli, India)
*corresponding author


Many applications such as intelligent transportation, video surveillance, robotics of computer vision mainly depend on task of multiple object tracking. It includes the process of detection, classifications and tracking. The main focus of the study is to develop an efficient and effective multiple target tracking methods to solve the issues of illumination changes, occlusions and affinity matching. Accordingly, the various multiple target tracking methods are tested and evaluated using the metrics on publicly available datasets from which it is obvious that the outcome of the global energy minimization and optimization techniques is comparatively better than any other existing techniques in all aspects. This comparative study work will also help in better understanding of the problem, knowledge of the methods and experimental evaluation skill for further research works.



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